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Habu Solutions is aware of the importance of regular inspection and maintenance of high pressure equipment and therefore can offer service 24/7

Habu Solutions has skilled and experienced technicians to perform services in testing, flushing, re-fitting of all kind of equipment for both Offshore and Onshore.

Equipment Calibration

In our climate controlled laboratorie we provide pressure (up to 30,000 psi), torque measurement (from 2Nm to 1500Nm), temperature and electrical calibrations, complete with full equipment report details provided. We specialise in the calibration and repair of dimensional metrological instruments such as micrometres, dial gauges and depth gauges utilising computerised calibration. Through the use of our mobile service van fleet, we can offer both pressure calibration and torque recalibration at our clients’ premises.

Pressure Testing & Flushing

Our facilities comprise of internal test pit for hydro testing (0 to 58,000 psi) and gas testing (0 to 20,000 psi). We provide clients with safe operating systems for the pressure testing of assemblies and components, and provide controlled test systems allowing hydraulic flushing and testing to be controlled within a safe environment.

Mounting and pressure test of Stabs & Receptacles

Habu Solutions perform Mounting and Testing of Hotstabs & Receptacles. Our test facilities allow us to do large series of testing.

Service & Maintenance of Test Equipment

Habu Solutions performs annual certification of test equipment and hydraulic systems. With huge stock of own products we are able to replace the necessary parts quickly.

  • Overhaul / service of pumps
  • Overhaul / service of regulators / valves
  • Overhaul / service test & flush units
  • Overhaul / service of accumulators
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